HSBC Hong Kong Community
Partnership Programme 2019
- Bringing People Together

Application from
HKD200,000 to HKD500,000


Continuing the 2015 ‘Bringing People Together’ theme to facilitate district-based community initiatives to foster a more inclusive and harmonious society, two sub-themes are adopted to address the local needs and create sustainable impact in the community.



1. Future Skills
  • Enhance employment related skills development for people in the community, in particular children and youth, for the changing world of work, in particular through innovation and technology to prepare them for future jobs.
  • Helping the elderly, children and youth, together with their families gain knowledge and skills in financial management by building their financial capabilities, with preference on using technology to enhance programme reach and effectiveness.
2. Health
  • Improve the elderly's quality of life and establish community-based care network to promote healthy ageing through innovation and technology.
  • Promote mental wellness to strengthen the resilience of those who are in need (e.g. children, people with disabilities or chronic illness, elderly, and their care-givers) with preference for utilizing technology and innovative solutions to enhance programme effectiveness.