HSBC Hong Kong Community
Partnership Programme 2019
- Bringing People Together

Application from
HKD200,000 to HKD500,000

Application timeline and results announcement

HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme supports a wide range of district-based community initiatives up to twelve months organised by registered charities and voluntary agencies. In 2019, a total of HKD18 million is being allocated to district-based community initiatives across 18 districts in Hong Kong. Continuing last year “Bringing People Together” them to facilitate district-based community initiatives to foster a more inclusive and harmonious society. The HSBC Hong Kong Community Festival, an annual celebration of the excellent work and achievements with HSBC’s charity partners involved in the Programme will be held on Chater Road, with activities in all 18 districts in Hong Kong as well.

Online Platform Application and Approval Workflow


Sign up for the organisation and create profiles for Manager and Applicant.


A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the Lead Project Manager and Centre-In-Charge of the project.


Draft, review and submit applications during the application open period.


When the results are released, an e-mail will be received.