HSBC Hong Kong Community
Partnership Programme 2019
- Bringing People Together

Application from
HKD200,000 to HKD500,000

Application guidelines
and donation assessment criteria

Who are eligible?

  1. Applicants must be non-profit organisations registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap112) for at least 3 years.
  2. Applications from individuals and commercial ventures will not be considered.

What activities are eligible?

  1. District-based, one-off projects. Application for territory-wide project will not be considered.
  2. Project activities should consider the use of environmental materials and the 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace) Principles as far as possible.
  3. At least 1 signature programme (activities that draw wider participation in the community and demonstrate creative ideas) to be organised in the district,
    during the HSBC Hong Kong Community Festival. The activities can be indoor or outdoor.
  4. Large scale activities with mass community participation to be held at Chater Road for the HSBC Hong Kong Community Festival will also be considered.
  5. Volunteering opportunities for HSBC staff are welcome.

Funding Levels

  1. Donation amount for each project ranges from HKD200,000 to HKD500,000 .
  2. Project duration up to 12 months, starting from September of this year and to be completed by August of next year.

Priority will be given to projects that will:

    Induce creativity and the use of technology in promoting worthy social causes and create common grounds across people with different gender, age, ethnics, social and economic background.
    Open up a wide range of opportunities for the community to participate, serve, share, learn, develop and innovate.
    Drive programmes and activities on meaningful social needs to benefit the community through leveraging the charity’s expertise and resources in the most effective way.
    Demonstrate efficient planning and cost effective programme implementation.

Budgetary guidelines:

  1. Manpower costs on direct services and professional staff on programme delivery are considered as programme expenses. Such expenses should not exceed 40% of the total requested sum. Full-time staff requests will not be considered.
  2. Administrative manpower costs that do not exceed 10% of the total requested sum can be considered. Applicants should provide job descriptions and related time spent information. Full-time staff requests will not be considered.
  3. Request for non-consumables should not exceed 10% of the total requested sum. Depending on the value and nature of such items, applicants will be asked to provide inventory management measures, usage justifications beyond the programme period as well as being subject to spot checks upon after project completion.
  4. Substantial/excessive expenses on production of publications, advertising, meals/tours, and ceremonial arrangements are not encouraged.


  1. Outstanding Community Project Award:
    (Certificate of Appreciation and HKD10,000 cash award)

    - Best exemplified the theme of bringing people together.
    - Encouraged and enhanced social participation among members of the community.
    - Fostered the development of talents and capabilities in the community.
  2. Outstanding Collaborative Partnerships Award:
    (Certificate of Appreciation and HKD10,000 cash award)

    - Built up the most collaborative partnerships for the betterment of a local community.
    - Each partner and supporting organisation illustrated their distinct roles and combined synergies.
    - Fostered inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect.
  3. Outstanding Creativity Award:
    (Certificate of Appreciation and HKD10,000 cash award)

    - To the community project which has shown the greatest creativity and flair in bringing people together.
  4. Outstanding District Efforts Award:
    (Trophy for District Office and HKD10,000 cash award to be equally shared by all successful NGO applicants of the same district)

    - To the District that has achieved the highest success rate in being allocated funding for different projects.
    - Enhanced public understanding of the District.
    - Fostered more activities of similar nature to be held in future, thereby producing long-lasting and sustainable benefits to the community.
  5. Outstanding Participation Award:
    (Certificate of Appreciation and HKD10,000 cash award)

    - To the community project that has involved the widest participation and beneficiaries.
    - Promoted the importance of volunteerism.
    - Targeted the underprivileged such as single parent families, elderly people, ethnic minorities, the disabled, new arrivals and neglected children.

How funded projects will be monitored?

  1. Grantees are required to submit a work plan upon the result announcement, a half-yearly report and a final report within 1 month after project completion. All projects must be completed no later than 31 August of next year.
  2. HSBC and HKCSS will conduct project visits and request for information to monitor the project progress.
  3. HKCSS will appoint a third party organisation to review the funded projects. Grantees will be asked to provide programme and financial records for review.
  4. If in case a grantee fails to demonstrate its accountability and unable to comply with the reporting requirements, its future funding applications will not be considered.