Activities in 18 Districts

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Activities in 18 Districts

About The Programme

The HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme (the Programme) aims to foster a more inclusive society, enhance cross-sector collaboration, and help charities and social welfare organisations build capacity. Supported by the Home Affairs Department, the Social Welfare Department and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), the Programme has supported more than 1,300 projects benefiting 6 million people since its launch in 2012.

Organised for the 10th time and under the theme of “Moving Forward!”, CPP2021 will focus on supporting projects that aim to help disadvantaged communities rebuild and recover from the impact of COVID19. HSBC will again donate a total of HKD36 million through CPP2021, matching the donation amount for CPP2020, which was doubled from the annual donation amount of CPP in previous years to support COVID19 relief efforts.

The HSBC Hong Kong Community Festival – an annual event that engages the public in supporting creative and meaningful CPP projects in all 18 districts – is planned for November 2021.

HSBC is grateful to HKCSS for managing the grant application and project monitoring processes, which helps ensure the effectiveness and the continuing success of the Programme since 2012.

About Us

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), a federation of non-government social service agencies consisting of more than 400 Agency Members, provides over 90% of the social welfare service through 3,000 operating units in Hong Kong. The Council aims to build a social service sector that is highly accountable, efficient, effective and responsive to social needs, upholding the long-term sustainable development of society and the well-being of our citizens. Commencing 2014, HKCSS is providing due diligence on applicants, project monitoring and evaluation, administration support in the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

About HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme
  1. 1. What is the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme?
    Answer: HSBC Hong Kong (HSBC), in partnership with the Home Affairs Department, the Social Welfare Department and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), has been organising the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme (CPP) since 2012. It aims to inspire district-based community initiatives to foster a more inclusive society, to enhance cross-sector collaboration to address social needs of local districts and help charities and community organisations in Hong Kong build capacity.
  2. 2. What are the project theme and grant amount?
    Answer: Please click here for the project theme and grant amount of CPP this year.
Eligibility of Applicant
  1. 1. Who are eligible?
    Answer: Applicants must be non-profit organisations registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap112) for at least 3 years by the application deadline. Applications from individuals and commercial ventures will not be considered. Applicant Agency refers to the mother organisation of the applicant instead of the specific centre or unit.
  2. 2. Is my organisation eligible if it is a social enterprise registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance?
    Answer: If your organisation has been registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance for at least 3 year, it is eligible to apply. HKCSS will verify the eligibility of the organisation.
  3. 3. What are the project requirements?
    Answer: Your project must fulfill the following requirements:
    1. Project beneficiaries must be part of the local Hong Kong community.
    2. Projects must be executed in the territory of Hong Kong.
    3. Provides district-based services for beneficiaries.
    4. Project duration up to 12 months, from 1th September of this year to 31th August of next year. All expenditures and receipts are valid within the project period.
    5. At least 1 signature activity should be organised in the district during the CPP Festival.
    6. The project does not receive any grant or funding from other funding organisations (both commercial or non-commercial) during the project period.
Application Procedure
  1. 1. When is the deadline for submitting my project?
    Answer: It will be announced on the official website in the first quarter of each year, please stay tuned!
  2. 2. How to submit my Project Application?
    Answer: All applicants must complete the following procedures for the application:
    1. Create a new account through CPP official website by clicking “Account Registration” and submit all information and document required.
    2. An email with a link would be sent to you for account activation. Please activate your account and log-in the system for project submission.
    3. All projects must be submitted with all required information before the application deadline.
    4. After project submission, the system will automatically send an acknowledgement e-mail and an application ID number to the Lead Project Manager and Centre-In-Charge of the project. A copy of the application will be attached for your record as well.
    5. CPP only accepts applications which complete the entire submission procedures. Saved but not submitted applications would not be considered.
  3. 3. Why my account cannot be accessed and log-in after account registration?
    Answer: Please check your mailbox (including your spam folders) for activation email with a link for account activation. Applicants are suggested to register with a verified email so as to ensure the receipt of activation email.
  4. 4. Apart from this online platform, may I submit my project by fax or post?
    Answer: No, we accept only online applications through the CPP official website.
  5. 5. Which email should I use for Account Registration?
    Answer: Applicant refers to the responsible unit/team of the project. The registration email you provided would be used for all notification emails, communications and log-in administration. Hence, we highly recommend that all applicants should use the general email of your unit/team instead of personal email. Please also ensure the validity of the email for receiving the activation email and all update information.
  6. 6. If my organisation had applied CPP before, should I register again?
    Answer: Yes. All applicants should register through the online platform. If you register by using your previous registered email address, the online system will automatically identify and retain your organisation information from the record. Please update the existing information for registration.
    (Only applicable for past applicants registered in CPP 2016 or after)
  7. 7. What information is required to submit for Account Registration?
    Answer: For Account Registration, you are required to provide the following information and documents:
    1. The following information included in the certified document of Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (IRD 88):
      1. Organisation contact information (including Chinese and English name of the institution, telephone number, office country and address)
      2. Registration number of non-profit making organisation and
      3. Effective date
    2. Information of the organisation (Personal data must be the same as the ID card)
      1. Information of Director, including full name in Chinese and English, contact email (Cannot re-use registered email, HKCSS will contact with Director by email, for example, to verify the applicant's identity)
      2. List of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, including: Chinese & English full name, position in the Board, public officials and effective date of the Board
      3. The latest total annual income of the applicant organisation
      4. Organisation payee’s name on the cheque for receiving fund (English only)
    3. Contact information of applicant (Do not repeat the registration email nor headquarters’ contact. HKCSS will contact the project manager and PIC by email for eligibility and project information verification.)
      1. Name, phone number, fax number and address of the responsible unit / team of the project
      2. Person-in-charge's name, phone number and contact email
    4. Supporting documents
      1. Certified true copy of IRD Section 88 letter
      2. Annual report
      3. Constitution or the Memorandum and Articles of Association; and
      4. Audited financial statements in the most recent two years
  8. 8. Is there any limit to the number of applications submitted by each applicant?
    Answer: There is no limit to the number of project applications you can submit. It would be possible to have more than one project receive funding, if the projects are outstanding.
  9. 9. What information is required for project submission?
    Answer: For project submission, you are required to provide the below:
    1. Project name, project summary (in Chinese and English), and project duration
    2. Contact of the responsible staff(s) (including: Chinese and English names, job titles, telephone numbers and contact emails). Please do not repeat telephone numbers and emails used for registration. HKCSS will contact the responsible staff, for example, sending confirmation of acceptance
    3. Programme details & programme budget etc.
  10. 10. Can I resubmit supporting documents if I fail to submit them before the deadline?
    Answer: Sorry, only complete applications with all supporting documents uploaded will be considered. If the applicant fails to submit them before deadline / submits non-valid documents, the application will not be considered.
  11. 11. Am I able to save my application for further editing before submission?
    Answer: Yes, you are not required to complete the application in one go. Within the submission period, you are able to save the project and retrieve it anytime for editing. Please be reminded that you could not make any amendment to the application once you have submitted it.
  12. 12. How do I know my application has been successfully submitted?
    Answer: A notification email, together with the project details you submitted and an assigned application number, will be sent to you once we receive your application.
  13. 13. Once I have submitted my application, may I edit my project proposal, provide supplementary information, or withdraw my application?
    Answer: Once your application is submitted, no edit, update, or supplementary information resubmission will be permitted. HKCSS may contact you or any responsible person(s) by email for project detail clarification.
  14. 14. What should I do if I forget my password?
    Answer: Please click “forget password?” on the logon page of the online application system and you will be asked to fill in your registered e-mail address. After that, you will receive a “reset password” e-mail in your inbox. Please click “reset password” in the email and key in the password provided by the system together with your new password. After confirmation, you can log on to the system with your new password.
  15. 15. What are the system requirements of my computer for the CPP online system?
    Answer: Your computer must meet the below requirements for a successful online application:
    Version: Windows 7 or above
    Browser: Chrome 60.0 or above; Firefox 3.0 or above; Internet Explorer 11 or above
    Version: OS X or above
    Browser: Safari 4.0 or above
  16. 16. What should I do if I cannot access the function of this online platform / encounter any system problem?
    Answer: Please try to use a different browser for login, such as Chrome or Firefox. If the problem persists, please take a screenshot and email to
Project Detail and Submission
  1. 1. What are the points to note on programme design and application form filling?
    Answer: We anticipate attractive and innovative programmes with the feasibility, service detail and effectiveness fully considered by applicants. Not only to serve the community, improve quality of life and inspire creative learning, a successful programme should also be able to develop an effective service which set an example for the service sector. Please click here for application assessment criteria.
  2. 2. I am a past CPP grantee. Can I submit a proposal which is further expanded from my previous project?
    Answer: Yes, as we encourage applicants to add new elements in their proposals, applicants should further develop previous programme in terms of service depth and diversity.
  3. 3. What are the points to note for budget planning?
    Answer: All proposals must fulfill the budgetary guidelines of CPP for application submission. Please click here for detail.
  4. 4. Can I apply if my programme serve more than one district or recruit service users from different districts?
    Answer: Applicants should provide supportive reasons for any cross districts services (e.g. arrange service users to attend activities in other districts / service users recruitment).
  5. 5. Noted that one signature activity must be organised for the Community Festival, any points to take for the activity nature, venue and date?
    Answer: There is no limitation for the Festival activity nature as long as it is one of the signature activities in the programme. The date of Festival is fixed – the first activity shown in the application system. Applicants could pick their desired event venue (Chater Road, Central or any other venue in the service district). Due to venue limitation, not all successful applicants could be catered for Festival activity on Chater Road. HKCSS will inform charities for Chater Road application status during result announcement.
  6. 6. What are the points to note when I create activity names?
    Answer: Applicants must fill in activities’ name before saving the application as the system identifies all detail based on individual activity names. Hence, identical activity names would be recognised as one single activity (including Festival). We suggest applicants to consolidate series of same/ similar activities into one activity and create different names for separate activities. Number of sessions and activity detail could be described in activity summary.
  7. 7. I saved my application and logged out the system. Why would I lose all/ part of the detail I entered?
    Answer: Please check if you have entered individual activity name and you should see the message ‘Your application has been saved’ if it is saved successfully.
  8. 8. How to enter ‘Quantity’ and ‘Unit Cost’ for item which is not dividable?
    Answer: Please enter ‘1’ as ‘Quantity’ and the total amount in ‘Unit Cost’. The actual quantity should be listed in item description.
  9. 9. How to distinguish ‘Volunteers’,’Direct Beneficiaries’ and ‘Indirect Beneficiaries’? Should I enter ‘number of beneficiaries’ or ‘number of attendance’?
    Answer: ‘Volunteers’ are helpers recruited by the applicant who assist voluntarily in the programme; ‘Direct Beneficiaries’ are the service users who join the activity in person; ‘Indirect beneficiaries’ are people, other than service users, who benefit from the activity. Please enter ‘number of attendance’ for all activities and ensure the calculation is consistent throughout the programme. The estimated number of attendance should be an achievable target for the programme.
  10. 10. Applicants could decide according to programme needs. CPP encourages applicants to request student volunteers to assist in activities through the CPP in Schools scheme.
    Answer: Applicants could decide according to programme needs. CPP encourages applicants to request student volunteers to assist in activities through the CPP in Schools scheme. Applicants should state the activity, date, role and required number of volunteers in the application form.
    Since 2017, the CPP in Schools scheme has appointed secondary school students as Community Ambassadors to serve the community through CPP projects, and work in partnership with charities and community groups. For detail, please click here.
  11. 11. Do I need to enter ‘Number of Volunteers’ if I apply for CPP in Schools student volunteers?
    Answer: Yes, please enter estimated number of volunteers.
  12. 12. Can I enter the same contact person for ‘Person-in-charge’, ’Project manager’ and ‘Contact person’ if I am the only person responsible for the project?
    Answer: Please enter more than one contact person as the contacts will be used for all future communication such as result announcement and reminders etc.
  13. 13. Can I work with commercial organisation or accept cash/ non-cash donations or promote a commercial brand/ product during project implementation?
    Answer: Applicants could accept non-cash support from non-financial organisations (e.g. venue support). The project must not involve any kind or form of commercial promotions at any time.
  14. 14. If I do not hire additional manpower for project coordination/ administration, can I allocate the tasks to existing staff? How to state their salary in the application?
    Answer: Yes, applicants could decide to hire additional part time staff or arrange existing staff to assist the programme. The manpower salary could be calculated in proportion to their workload.
Funding Arrangement
  1. 1. When will I know the funding result?
    Answer: It will be announced on the official website in the first quarter of each year, please stay tuned!
  2. 2. When will I receive the grant if my project is selected?
    Answer: Grantees will receive 70% first payment of total grant amount latest by September this year after project detail verification. The remaining 30% final payment will be arranged after project completion based on actual expenses.
  3. 3. What are the conditions and responsibilities listed in the donation acceptance letter?
    Answer: By signing the donation acceptance letter, you agreed to report on project progress, the use of funds, as well as accepting the Trade Mark License agreement.
  4. 4. Why was my project not being selected? Can I resubmit a new project idea?
    Answer: Thank you for your support to the CPP. We cherish the project ideas submitted by all applicants and we are sorry if your project has not been selected.
    We would not comment on a particular project. In general, a project would not be selected if it:
    1. does not match the project themes;
    2. executes outside of Hong Kong or does not serve local Hong Kong community;
    3. includes restricted project nature such as profit making or promotion of commercial organisation or products;
    4. lacks of concrete and detailed budget planning support;
    5. composes mainly by one-off activities and fails to showcase overall project effectiveness;
    6. does not meet applicants’ eligibility i.e. non-profit organisations registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap112) for less than 3 years by the application deadline;
    7. does not include all supporting documents required for eligibility verification;
    8. provides territory-wide services or covers more than one districts with no supportive reason;
    9. does not include at least 1 signature programme in the district during the CPP Festival;
    10. requires more than 12 months for execution or execution period falls out of 1th September of this year to 31th August of next year.
Project Execution
  1. 1. Can I outsource my project to a third party for project execution (i.e. other charities)? Can I work with other charities as partners?
    Answer: You should not outsource or assign your project to any third parties. This will be considered as project termination and we reserve the right to at any time withdraw its approval and demand the return of funds.
    You are welcome to work with other charities, groups or schools as partners to complete the project for building a harmonious community.
  2. 2. Is there any guideline to follow when making a purchase?
    Answer: The CPP grant shall be used solely for the purposes stated in the application form. If the grant is used for an unapproved purpose, including a commercial purpose, applicants shall account for the entire donation and shall make a full refund of the donation on demand. Please refer to the your organisation’s in-house purchasing guidelines. You may also refer to the best practices guidelines suggested by the ICAC. We believe you, as a responsible applicant, will allocate your expenses wisely and effectively to maximize the project impact to the community.
  3. 3. What should I do if the actual project income and expenses are different from my budget plan?
    Answer: As the CPP projects are selected and assessed according to the proposals, and the grantees had signed and agreed the donation acceptance letters, all grantees should implement the project according to the approved proposals and budgets. Should there be necessary budget adjustment requests with supportive reasons, the adjustments should be made according to the guidelines provided to grantees after result announcement.
  4. 4. How funded projects will be monitored?
    Answer: Please click here for detail.
  5. 5. Do I need to hire an independent accountant to audit?
    Answer: Grantees should refer to the your organisation’s in-house financial management policies and procedures to be a responsible book keeper. Document your expense records in case audits need to be conducted. You are not required to hire an independent accountant. HKCSS will appoint third party auditor for audit in October to December after project completion.
  6. 6. What do I need to submit after project completion?
    Answer: Project leader should submit a final report in 1 month after project completion. Please keep your official receipts and invoices for 1 year in case audits need to be conducted.
  7. 7. I managed to finish my project under the funding budget. Do I need to return the remaining balance?
    Answer: Any unused fund provided under CPP should be returned. HKCSS will liaise with related organisations for arrangement.
  8. 8. If there is progress delay, change of content or project incompletion, do I or my organisation need to make any compensation?
    Answer: CPP encourages grantees to implement the project according to proposal professionally. We understand there are different factors and considerations during project execution. HKCSS, as the organiser of CPP, welcome to discuss with project leaders about effective and efficient project implementation strategies. For project delay, change of content and project incompletion, CPP reserves the right to take appropriate action in accordance with individual circumstances.
  9. 9. What should I do if I have other inquiries?
    Answer: Please contact us by email to

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